Hendersonville Sister Cities Awards $3,000 in Youth Travel Scholarships

May 10, 2018


In the organization’s inaugural “Hendersonville Student Ambassador” Travel Scholarship program, Hendersonville Sister Cities announced today it is awarding a total of $3,000 to five Henderson County students studying abroad during the 201


8 Summer, 2018 Fall, and 2019 Spring semesters.


Katie Farina, 20, an Environmental Sciences & Sustainability major/Spanish minor at UNC–Greensboro, will be spending 5 weeks at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Cusco, Peru this summer studying Peruvian ecology and biodiversity and volunteering at a local elementary school.


Rachel Raasch, 19, double-majoring in Journalism and Religious Studies at UNC–Chapel Hill, will be spending 4 weeks at Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, Italy this summer, studying Italian and taking coursework applicable to her Journalism major.


Maggie McKenzie, 21, double-majoring in Arabic and French at UNC–Chapel Hill, will spend 9 weeks this summer at the Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman, Jordan, taking advanced intensive Arabic language studies.


Forrest McClure, 20, double-majoring in History and French at UNC–Greensboro, will depart for France in Fall 2018 and spend an entire academic year at Université de Rennes, taking all academic courses entirely in French.


Currently majoring in Biology for Pre-Veterinary Medicine at Blue Ridge Community College, Danielle Bradford, 19, is transferring to Western Carolina University this fall and is applying to a Spring 2019 exchange program in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she will attend a local university and directly enroll in science courses applicable to her major.


More than a dozen students in high school, community college, four-year universities, and graduate schools applied for the 2018 “Hendersonville Student Ambassador” Travel Scholarship. In awarding the final recipients, consideration was given but not limited to: student’s financial need, foreign language immersion, study abroad programs’ alignment with/support of stated academic or career goals, program location, and individual’s international experience.


“Four of our five recipients have never traveled internationally,” said Chris Reed, HSC president. “We’re excited to help facilitate cultural experiences for youth with ties to Hendersonville who’ve never had the opportunity to travel abroad – and we look forward to sharing what they learn.”


As part of their scholarship recipient agreement, each “Hendersonville Student Ambassador” will provide video, photo, and/or written updates throughout their travel, which will be shared with the public on Hendersonville Sister Cities’ Facebook page and website.


Upon returning from their travels, each scholarship recipient will also deliver a community presentation through Hendersonville Sister Cities’ Speaker Series, to share how studying abroad and cultural immersion impacted their academic and personal lives, and to encourage others to make international connections.


About the “Hendersonville Student Ambassador” Travel Scholarship

Created in November 2017, the scholarship was designed to provide assistance to local students and facilitate the exchange of ideas and culture globally, and to foster awareness and appreciation of international relations among Henderson County youth. Scholarships can be awarded for Spring, Summer, or Fall semester travel, and are open to students with residency in Henderson County who are in the process of applying to or have been accepted for a study abroad, internship, or work study program.

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