Population: ~31,000    Area: ~187,176 mi²

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The most populous municipality in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, Pallanza-Verbania is located on the western side of beautiful Lago (Lake) Maggiore – which borders Lombardy, Piedmont, and Switzerland, making the Alps a beautiful regional backdrop.


Verbania has a mayor-town council government, with an elected mayor.


In addition to tourism, Verbania's main industries include textile and machinery manufacturing, as well as food processing.

As the largest municipality on the lake, Verbania is a frequented terminal for those exploring Lake Maggiore and its nearby towns by ferry. The Verbania-Pallanza Railway Station forms part of the Milan-Domodossola railway. The greater Lago Maggiore area features multiple mapped bike and hiking trails for outdoor recreation.


Sites & Attractions

A lush city of garden and parks, the 50-acre Villa Taranto Botanical Gardens features English-style landscaping that incorporates Italian ornamental elements and more than 20,000 botanical varieties and species. 

In September, Editoria & Giardini (Garden Book Festival) opens the city's private gardens for guided visits and artist exhibitions, as visitors take in lectures and workshops on all things gardening and publishing.

Rich in history, the Pallanza region is home to the Museo del Paesaggio (“Landscape Museum”) which features painting, sculpture, and archaeology collections, and the Romanesque church of Santo Stefano – which houses the Roman Ara delle Matrone (Altar of the Matrons). The Church of Madonna di Campagna (Our Lady of the Countryside) is a Romanesque basilica with 16th century features in Pallanza, and the Basilica di San Vittore dates from the first half of the 18th century with a dome and bell tower added in the 19th century.

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